Voice Lessons

As a singer your voice and body is your instrument and you can learn, with certainty, how to play it.

We work with singers of all kinds, ranging from children to adults, from beginners to professionals and including Broadway, Opera, Pop, Rock, Folk and Jazz. Creating a course of study that serves each student's unique needs.

Each voice is one of a kind. You learn to sing comfortably through your entire range, expanding your range as you strengthen your instrument with focused exercises, Accessing a variety of styles if you choose, and sing expressively! Vocal exercises are focused on function and vocal health. Students learn what the voice/body is doing, not just how the voice sounds.

Our instructors are continually deepening their knowledge of new methods to access the human voice. In our supportive environment you will develop your true unique voice!

DMA Private Lesson Program features:

  • Distinguished Teachers, recognized for their extraordinary professional experience. 
  • Instruction in classical, contempory, jazz and popular styles.
  • Individualized attention, emphasizing joyful learning of solid music fundementals.
  • Juries and Student Salons for ensembles and individuals.
  • All families/students enrolled in private lessons receive a 10% discount on group classes. 
  • Additional family members/instruments receive a 5% discount off tuition.


2017-18 Private Lesson Tuition Rates

*Certain teachers are designated Master Teachers and therefore have higher private lesson tuition rates. Master Teachers are teachers who have achieved a masters degree and/or doctorate in performance or music education, have demonstrated teaching excellence with several years of experience, and maintain a professional career in performance. If you have questions about Master Teachers or Master Teacher rates, please contact Marianne Ryan at together4music@yahoo.com. Master Teachers are listed on our website under “Instructors”.

Private Lesson Tuition Rates for Master Teachers:

    ½ hour: $40

    ¾ hour: $60

    1 hour: $80

Private Lesson Tuition Rates for non-Master Teachers:

    ½ hour: $38

    ¾ hour: $57

    1 hour: $76


Next Step!

Please complete our registration form to schedule your trial lesson. On your registration form let us know which instrument is of interest and which days/times might work best.  We will contact you to schedule your trial lesson and determine which teacher is an appropriate fit for learning style, level and goals. Registration and payment are required prior to trial lesson taking place.

No classes are currently scheduled.

Registration and payment are required prior to any lessons taking place.

  • Students enrolled in private lessons receive a 10% discount on group classes. 
  • Additional family members/instruments receive a 5% discount off tuition.
    Prepay tuition for 5 months and receive 5% discount. Only applies to students beginning in September or February. Payment MUST be made by
    August 28th for lessons beginning in September or January 28th with lessons beginning in February.


Important Private Lesson Policies

Please make note of DMA's Studio Policies here.